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NightStar3 Water Proof Shake LED Flashlight - Green


Manufacturer: Applied Innovative Tech

Product Information

NightStar3 is perfect for hunting and fishing, emergency signaling and insect detection. NightStar flashlights can be counted on to light the way even after years of abuse and neglect. Every NightStar light pays for itself by never needing batteries or bulbs and will never need to replace the flashlight. The Gold-Film Capacitor can be recharged over 100,000 times and will never corrode. Each NightStar is virtually indestructible, water-proof, corrosion resistant, impervious to hot and cold temperatures and floats. The luminescent switch glows for more than 10 hours allowing for easy location and operation.   Performance Specs: Peak Brightness: 12,000 Lux, 1130 ft-candles Illumination Range: 50 ft Wavelength: 540 nm Charging Time: 30 seconds Light Duration: 20 minutes Operational Temp: -40F to 130F Waterproof to a depth of 2200 ft

Product Code: 8.10346E+11

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