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fiberglass lightweight propane tank 20lb

Product Information

Light weight fiber glass propane canister. See video and specifications below:

NOW in stock 12/8/2014


(surpasses all tank standards)
(lighter than steel, less $ than aluminium)
Won't Rust
(fiberglass simply can't rust)
(you can see the fuel level)
DOT Approved
(approved for use in all states and Canada)
DOT SP12706 and Canadian SU 5931 approvals

Award-winning, appealing design.
The Clear View tm design gives it a softer and friendlier look than usual LPG bottles made from steel or aluminum.

Low weight - easy handling
Clear View tm is made from composite materials and weights 50% less than steel bottles with the same gas volume.

Visible gas level
No more guessing about the propane-tank level. Clear View tm has nothing to hide and shows the filling level at all times.

All tests show that Clear View tm, when its attacked by fire, will react with a controlled burnout instead of an explosion.

Exceptionally good grip.
Clear View's tm grip is designed to fit with the human hand and has no edges that result in red and painful hands.

Stackable - saves space
You can stack up several propane tanks on top of each other while the valve, which is the most vulnerable point, is fully protected.

Made from composite and plastics, Clear View tmpropane tanks will not be broken down by corrosion, neither on the outside nor on the inside.

Propane capacity
butane  capacity 18.7lb
Overall length (L) 18.1 inches
Height to    top  of boss (H) 14.4
Diameter (D)   12 inches

Completely full tanks will appear to be only 80% full, because propane needs room for expansion and over filling will cause the extra gas to be released by the overfill protection device that is included as part of the valve. Cylinders are approved for use in every US state and Canadian cylinders are approved for use in Canada. The outer casing has UV protection to resist color fading, but over time, some fading may still occur. All propane cylinders should be recertified every 5 years with pressure testing and visual inspection. Clear View tanks have a longer rated life span than steel cylinders. Vertical cylinders should never be used horizontally and horizontal cylinders should never be used vertically. If no gas comes out when the valve is turned on, make sure that the black nut is screwed down as tight as possible. If the hose and tank valve don't mate completely gas will not be released. If gas flows too slowly, close the valve and then reopen it.

Product Code: propanetank_20

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