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You can use these simple recipes to make delicious meals without a lot of fuss, at your campsite or even in your own backyard. Whether you're a Dutch oven novice or a veteran cooker, this essential reference will tell you all you need to know to cook, fry, or bake quick and tasty dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner-even dessert! You'll learn how to select, use, and care for your Dutch oven; tips for storing meat and cooking wild game; low-salt, low-cholesterol, heart-healthy dishes; plus more than 180 mouthwatering and easy to make recipes!

Author: Woody Woodruff

Product Code: LIB-100455

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former girl scout leader

As a former girl scout laeedr, its not to ask for one good dutch oven recipe, but to ask for a million! here's a couple of great crowd pleasers! Heres a hint dont worry about cooking in your dutch oven by the fire .campfires are often undependable and the heat fluxuates. Try briquettes! Just pile em up on a piece of foil till white hot . Then place evenly under and on top of your dutch oven. Each white-hot briquete is 20 F. Do the math. A wind up kitchen timer is so awesome for dutch oven cooking! Outback tater tot casseroleJust simply layer raw (extra lean) ground beef, refried beans, tater tots cheese several times in the dutch oven. Cover w the lid n bake. The thing about dutch oven cooking is remembering to put coals on the top (on the lid) of the dutch oven too so things cook evenly. When the burger on the top is done,eat up! You can even sprinkle a package of taco seasoning onto the burger of each layer for a little spice. Also BBQ sauce on the burger is awesome! Try adding a can of corn or strips of corn tortilla alternately between the layers for a treat! (You could also substitute hash browns for the tater tots, and canadian bacon, cut up, or sausage links fully cooked, and whip up some scrambled eggs for each layer for a great camping breakfast!)Heres a great dessert!In the bottom of the dutch oven, put 1 stick melted butter. Then 1 c brown suigar and just a pinch of cinnamon. Then arrange pineaple rings and marachino cherries if you like to cover the bottom. Prepare a yellow cake mix as directed and pour over top. Bake as directed. Remember, each white-hot briquette or coal is equal to 20 , so calculate the baking time accordingly.Have a ball with your dutch oven..and remember GIRL SCOUTS RULE>>>OTHERS DROOL!Bon appetite!

sayanknya :: 2012-04-12 14:01

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